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how people view websites - the F pattern

How People Read Websites

Today’s digital marketing tip, is proudly brought to you by the letter “F”. That’s because according to eye tracking research, this is how people view websites – in an “F” shaped pattern. What the “F”?! Reading on a screen is a completely different experience to reading on a page. It seems we *don’t* read everything […]

Why Get a Copywriter?

Brochures. Press releases. Your website. Email newsletters. User manuals. Annual reports. If you have a business, chances are you will need to produce any or all of the above. But what if writing is really not your strong point? Get a Copywriter! If you want to be a success in business, you need to work […]

Redland Woman in Business 2016

I am extremely honoured to announce that I have been named the winner of the Redland Woman in Business award for 2016. Even more exciting, was to find out that my business, Front Page SEO, was selected as a finalist for the overall award of Redlands Business of the Year! It might not have won, […]