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SEO Training Brisbane

Seminars, Workshops and Online Training

At Front Page SEO we provide SEO training for corporate, small business, and groups.

For far too long the SEO industry has hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

Google workshop

Many agencies are skilled at making it sound like they are doing a lot for their clients each month, but the reality is very different.

In many cases they aren’t doing anything to actually promote your online presence each month – apart from sending you a hefty bill, and an automated report.

If as a business owner you don’t understand the basics of search engine optimisation, you are at serious risk of being ripped off.

That’s why we provide SEO training in the form of:

  • Our DIY SEO HQ membership program;
  • Regular free webinars;
  • Conducting one-on-one and corporate training;
  • Presenting at business networks, meetings, conferences and groups;
  • Hosting occasional workshops across Brisbane and beyond. 

What other say about our Corporate SEO Training

“A fun and engaging session” – Mates 4 Mates

“Janet has been incredibly patient and informative while teaching me all things SEO. Who knew learning this would actually be fun!” – Nicci

We are passionate about educating and empowering business owners in this vital aspect of their digital marketing.

Learn what to look for, and how to ask the right questions so you can engage an ethical SEO agency, or evaluate your current service provider. 

This will ensure that you receive value for money, and also avoid any damage to the online reputation of your business or current standing in search results. 

Your SEO Teacher

Training is conducted by Janet Camilleri, the award-winning founder of Front Page SEO.

A fully trained teacher, Janet doesn’t just know SEO – she also delivers training that is interactive and fully engages participants – the best way to learn and retain information.

Previously, Janet has presented at groups and events such as the: