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The DIY SEO HQ Membership

If you’ve been looking for a DIY SEO course or training, or tips on DIY SEO for small business – you’re in the right place!

Want to get found in Google search – but can’t afford an SEO agency?

I get it. We’ve all gotta start somewhere!

Hi, I’m Janet Camilleri, and I’m the founder of Front Page SEO and was awarded 2020 SEO Consultant of the Year in the Australian Enterprise Awards.

Although I now have a team, I started out as a sole trader with a shoestring budget, so I know what it’s like. Just getting a website up and running can be a huge investment!

One of the things I often hear when I talk to business owners is:

“Janet, I’d love to work with you but I just can’t afford SEO!”

And that’s what led to the Do-It-Yourself, Search Engine Optimisation Headquarters Membership: or DIY SEO HQ for short.

You might be a:

  • sole trader or micro business;
  • a startup;
  • or have a team member looking after your social media presence – just think, they could include a bit of SEO in their duties too, if only they knew WHAT to do!

Cut the Chit-Chat – Sign Me Up Now!

RRP $99 per month 

What is the DIY SEO HQ all about?

In the DIY SEO HQ, you’ll have the guidance of Australia’s #1 SEO Specialist so you will know exactly what to do to boost the SEO of your website.

Each month, I’ll unpack an important element of SEO in a live session (recorded for those unable to make it), in a way that’s easy to understand – before showing you step by step how you can do it for your website. You will then be set a challenge based on that learning, for you to complete before the next session rolls around.

By participating in the regular challenges, in a few short months you will see that:

  • you can get ahead of your competition;
  • your website is ranking for more keywords, and closer to the top of search engine results;
  • driving more clicks and calls, clients and customers to your website;
  • and ultimately, leading to more sales and a more successful business!

No more jargon or magic tricks – just real tips that  you can implement straight away, to make a real difference to your business.

“Being a part of the DIY SEO HQ group is teaching me so much about SEO for my own business. Janet is experienced, helpful, and goes out of her way to help us grow our business through SEO. Thank you Janet for teaching us some skills!”

You could spend hours working on your SEO on your own and miss the mark completely. Or you can join the DIY SEO HQ, and enjoy the advantage of having an SEO Specialist to guide you to make the changes that that really matter!

But that’s not all …

Training + Challenges + Accountability + Support = GROWTH

Members also have access to the private Facebook group, where you will find:

  • regular hints and tips;
  • the latest from the world of SEO;
  • opportunities for collaboration;
  • a safe place to ask your curly SEO questions;
  • connect with other like-minded business owners;
  • encouragement and support.

All this for just a fraction of what you would pay an SEO company to do it for you – because you’re doing the work yourself, while being trained by a master!

  • Join at any time;
  • No lock in contracts – stay a member for as little or as long as you like;
  • The immense satisfaction of getting results;
  • Plus, the peace of mind that comes from knowing what is being done for your SEO – because you’re the one doing it!

Yep, I’m ready – I know great value when I see it!

RRP $99 per month 

How the DIY SEO HQ Membership Works

Upon joining, you will be granted access to the introductory module and the private Facebook group; then you’re ready for the monthly online sessions and challenges!

Modules have been designed so that you can join at any time – no more waiting for the next course to get underway!

It’s part DIY SEO course, part membership, part mentoring, part community.

There’s no need to commit to long days of training, or a boot camp where you forget half of what you’ve learned by the time it’s finished.

This way you can squeeze SEO into your days in a way that best suits you.

Remember: you don’t need to be able to see the whole staircase, you just need to be able to see and take the next step!

Get Found in Google!

When your website rises to the top of search engine results, it becomes a LEAD MAGNET.

And not just any leads! These are people who are actively searching for your goods and services. That means they’re qualified leads before they even hit your website!

  • FREE introductory module when you sign up (includes how to do an SEO audit of your site, so you can see where your site is NOW and track its growth over the coming months);
  • LIVE webinars each month (recorded for those unable to attend) unpacking an important element of SEO, along with step by step instructions;
  • MONTHLY CHALLENGES  that make a real difference!
  • SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY and CONNECTION in the private Facebook group.

Get the expert guidance and support you’ve been looking for with the DIY SEO HQ Membership

RRP $99 per month 


When does it start??!

You can start whenever you want! When you join you will be given access to the private Facebook community and the Introductory Module. The program is designed that you can join at any stage.

I have a WordPress/ Squarespace / Wix / Weebly / Shopify site. Is that suitable?

While there are some variations in how specific elements of SEO are applied on the different website platforms, you should be able to follow most of the steps provided in the DIY SEO HQ program. (We do find however that it takes longer and takes more work to get results with Wix and Weebly).

Do I need to be an expert at working on my website?

It’s probably best if you are already comfortable working in the back end of your website (eg can upload a blog post or image, or change the wording on a page).

What about if I want to cancel my subscription?

There are no lock-in contracts; should you wish to leave the DIY SEO HQ program, you can cancel your membership at any stage.

Will you crack the whip and make me feel bad if I don’t complete the monthly challenge?

Of course not! We all get busy and sometimes other things have to take priority. However if you want results – you do need to make a point of doing the “homework”! (Or you could pay us to do it for you … if you have the budget. You can find more information on our SEO packages here.)

Help! I have another question about the DIY SEO HQ program!

Sure, we are here to help! Send an email to Once you are a member of the DIY SEO HQ, we do encourage you to ask your questions in the private Facebook group. Chances are others will be wondering the same thing, so everybody will learn from the conversation!