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is SEO copywriting dead?

Is SEO Copywriting Dead?

| Janet Camilleri | , ,
Back in 2017, we wrote about the value of an SEO copywriter – so it might seem a bit strange that we are now wondering: Is SEO copywriting dead? The crux of that 2017 blog post was that all web content writers are not equal. Any professional copywriter should be able to produce text that: […]
the value of an SEO copywriter

The Value of an SEO Copywriter

| Janet Camilleri | , ,
What is the value of an SEO copywriter? After all, what’s wrong with writing your web content yourself? In some ways, this does make sense – nobody knows your business, service or product like you do! Or maybe you realise that you are good at what you do, whether it’s digging trenches or lash extensions, […]
how people view websites - the F pattern

How People Read Websites

Today’s digital marketing tip, is proudly brought to you by the letter “F”. That’s because according to eye tracking research, this is how people view websites – in an “F” shaped pattern. What the “F”?! Reading on a screen is a completely different experience to reading on a page. It seems we *don’t* read everything […]

Why Get a Copywriter?

Brochures. Press releases. Your website. Email newsletters. User manuals. Annual reports. If you have a business, chances are you will need to produce any or all of the above. But what if writing is really not your strong point? Get a Copywriter! If you want to be a success in business, you need to work […]