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What is a Keyword?

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If you have a website, sooner or later you are going to hear the term “keyword” bandied around – especially if the discussion is about getting more visitors onto your site.  So what is a keyword? And why is it so important? For starters, you may be surprised to learn that a keyword is rarely […]

Adding Keywords to a Webpage

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Once people learn that we are  SEO Consultants and copywriters, they will often ask us for the insider secrets on adding keywords to a webpage. There are a number of ways you can signal to Google (or Bing and all the other search engines), just what your webpage is about – and that’s through the […]

Why SEO is Like Fishing

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I’ve decided that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a lot like fishing. Both require a lot of patience and perseverance, but it goes deeper than that (see what I did there?!). How to Get Results I’ve been known to go camping and fishing a time or two, and here’s the lowdown: if you are a […]

SEO Horror Stories

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SEO is scary. The cat’s out of the bag! Although we are SEO Consultants, we are the first to acknowledge that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be quite scary for your average business owner. The Mechanics of SEO It’s a bit like taking your car to the mechanic. While some of us may not know […]

All Backlinks Are Not Equal

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If you want to get found on Google and co – you’ve got to build backlinks to your website (ie get other sites to link back to yours). However, one thing most business and blog owners don’t realise is this: all backlinks are not equal. Some are worth more “link juice” than others – and […]

What Jigsaw Puzzles & SEO have in Common

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Front Page SEO Founder Janet Camilleri loves nothing more than to sit down with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, in her spare time. However we are well aware that to others, jigsaws are more like an instrument of torture! It’s true, it does take a certain type of personality to enjoy putting a jigsaw puzzle […]
is SEO copywriting dead?

Is SEO Copywriting Dead?

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Back in 2017, we wrote about the value of an SEO copywriter – so it might seem a bit strange that we are now wondering: Is SEO copywriting dead? The crux of that 2017 blog post was that all web content writers are not equal. Any professional copywriter should be able to produce text that: […]
voice search and SEO

Voice Search and SEO

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If you are a Star Trek fan like Front Page Founder Janet is, the future is now. Remember how Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew could ask the computer absolutely anything?  While not everybody today has Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, most of us have a mobile phone, a magical device which allows us […]
5 ways to build backlinks

5 Ways to Build Backlinks

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They say that to get ahead in the world, it’s not “what” you know, it’s “who” you know (ie your connections) – and it’s the same if you want your website to rank more highly in search engine results. It’s All About Who You Know We all know somebody who got their job, because they […]
is your website seo friendly

Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

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Has your website builder told you that your site is “SEO friendly”, “SEO ready” or even that it’s “been optimised”? Many of them do. But what exactly do they mean when they say this? It could be very different to what you think. Over the past five years, we have lost count of the number […]