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5 Things to Add to Your Contact Page

| Janet Camilleri | ,

5 Things to Add to Your Contact Page

| Janet Camilleri | ,

If you want to improve your website’s ranking in the search engines and get an edge on your competitors, consider your Contact Page SEO.

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Often all that you will find on a website Contact page, is a contact form or maybe an email if you’re really lucky.

It’s such a wasted opportunity, particularly if you are a locally based business!

Optimising your Contact Page

If you want people in your local area to find your website and your business, first of all you need to make it clear to Google just where you are located.

And the best place to do this is on your Contact page.

By all means, have a contact form.

But by adding some optimised copy to the page, you can make it that much stronger!

Not sure how to do that? Here are some idea:

  1. Address: Your snail mail address if at all possible, at the very least. Even better, include a bit of a blurb about your location, using local landmarks as reference points. This not only makes it easier for your customers to find you, but also helps Google to work out where you are too. For example, “The House at Pooh Corner is located on the southern outskirts of the Hundred Acre Wood, at 10 Honeypot Lane. You’ll find us opposite the Hundred Acre Wood School for Bears.”
  2. Public transport: Not everybody has a car. Not only are you helping out your clients relying on public transport, it’s also a great opportunity to mention your location again. “The Tigger bus bounces past the House at Pooh Corner every 30 minutes, on its way from Piglet Market to Eeyore Village, and there is a bus stop right out the front”.
  3. Home-based business options: Even if you don’t wish to reveal your actual address, you can include a sentence or two about the areas that you service. For example: “The House at Pooh Corner makes honey deliveries to surrounding areas including Christopher Robin’s Village, Bee’s Knees Harbour, and Bear Town”. Or, mention the area where you are based: “For the best honey in all of Hundred Acre Wood, contact us today”.
  4. Reasons why website visitors might like to contact you: Hopefully you are already clear about your primary keywords, so make sure you use them here. The House at Pooh Corner, for example, might invite contact with a sentence such as: “Contact us today about the best honey pots in Hundred Acre Wood” – the keywords might be “best honey pots” or “Hundred Acre Wood honey”.
  5. An image: It could be a map showing your business, or a picture of you and/or your business premises. As per good SEO practices, you should compress the image before uploading, but also make sure you include your business name and area in the image title, as well as the Alt Text field, for example: “The House of Pooh Corner, Hundred Acre Wood”.

sweeten your contact page for SEO

These five things will help draw Google (and therefore your customers) to your website – like bees to a honey pot. Happy optimising!

If you are struggling to find the time to take care of your Contact Page SEO – which can help improve your position in search engine results – or don’t know what an “Alt Text” field is (for example), then contact us today.