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Why Get a Copywriter?

Why Get a Copywriter?

Brochures. Press releases. Your website. Email newsletters. User manuals. Annual reports.

If you have a business, chances are you will need to produce any or all of the above.

But what if writing is really not your strong point?

get a copywriter

Get a Copywriter!

If you want to be a success in business, you need to work to your strengths – and get help with the rest.

A professional copywriter writes copy – or content – for a living.

Note: Many people get confused between copywrite and copyright – the first term is generally used in the context of a copywriter, or getting some copywriting done. The second is a claim to ownership of something that has been created: for example, a book, music, or a photograph, and is often identified with the © copyright symbol.

A copywriter needs to have a solid grasp of language – the technical aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation; but also a “flair for words” that makes people want to read them! 

A skilled copywriter can take a subject that is dull as dishwater, and turn it into something that hooks your interest. In the hands of a skilled copywriter, even those annoying 404 error pages can be turned into something fun and engaging, so visitors to your website will want to stick around!

A copywriter can sell an idea, product or service through their use of the written words. Some copywriters write to inform; others write to try and get you to take an action. Often, copywriting involves both.

As part of their job, a copywriter may find themselves doing so much more than just writing copy. They will also likely need to research their topic, conduct interviews, source images, edit and proofread. A thirst for knowledge, and a passion for words are essential!

Which is why, if you are needing any copy written for your business, you can give yourself the best chance of success by hiring a professional: get a copywriter!

Explain an SEO Copywriter then?!

At Front Page SEO, our specialty is SEO copywriting: writing web content that pleases the reader, and also gets found by the search engines.

When a potential customer searches online for your particular product or service, you want YOUR website to be on the front page of search results. If you are looking for an SEO copywriter, we can help make this happen!

If you are keen to get a copywriter working for you – contact Front Page SEO today.

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