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5 Ways to Build Backlinks

| Janet Camilleri | ,

5 Ways to Build Backlinks

| Janet Camilleri | ,

They say that to get ahead in the world, it’s not “what” you know, it’s “who” you know (ie your connections) – and it’s the same if you want your website to rank more highly in search engine results.

all about who you know

It’s All About Who You Know

We all know somebody who got their job, because they knew somebody who was already working there … it’s all about who you know.

And if you’re on the hunt for a great accountant, mechanic, house painter, or a licensed building and pest inspector – the best way to find them is by asking your friends for recommendations … it’s all about who you know.

Forming Connections Online

It’s the same with your website. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it’s not just about “what” you  know – it’s about “who” you know – and specifically, whose website is linking back to yours.

It’s called the world wide WEB after all!

5 ways to build backlinks

Online or in the real world, those connections are the secret to giving you a winning edge.

So how can you as a business owner, encourage those online connections? How can you build valuable backlinks to your website? (Find out why backlinks are important, here.)

Once you have a website, you can cross your fingers and hope that others will find and link to it. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation – how can they find it if nobody else has linked to it? And how can they link to it if they can’t find it?!

5 Ways to Build Backlinks

You can help the process along by consciously seeking out backlink opportunities. It does take time and effort, but it demonstrates to Google and the other search engines that your website is one worth promoting in search engine results.

Not sure where to start? Here are five relatively easy ways to build backlinks:

  1. Social media – Make sure you link to your website from your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and any other social media/sites you are already active on.
  2. Link swaps – Do you know anybody in a similar or complementary business with a website? Ask them if they want to do a link swap.
  3. Join organisations – If you join a business association, chamber of commerce, or the like, they often have online directories as part of your membership benefits – so make sure you take the time to list your business and URL there.
  4. Do a Google Search – Search for any existing mentions online of you and your business. Often you will find that these don’t link back to your site – so it’s simply a matter of shooting off an email, thanking them for the (hopefully positive!) mention, and asking politely if they would kindly link to your website.
  5. Guest Post – Write articles for other websites.

One of the advantages of hiring a professional to take care of your SEO, is that they will already have developed relationships with many other quality sites (it’s all about who you know!).

As a result, they are able to build a broader and deeper backlink profile, far more quickly than you ever could. For example, one of the affordable SEO packages I offer is focused on building your  website’s backlinks.

So if you just don’t have time to handle SEO, why not get in touch? We’d love to use our SEO super powers for the good of your business!