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Front Page SEO is a boutique SEO agency based in the Redlands, south-east of Brisbane.

What is a Boutique SEO Agency?

What does the word ’boutique’ mean to you?

Traditionally, a boutique refers to a small fashion store – one that specialises in a particular area, offers high quality and personalised service.

Unlike a chain store, a boutique has their own way of doing things, and is more likely to stock and support other small (fashion) businesses.

At Front Page SEO, we think that’s a great way to describe us.

We specialise in working with service-based businesses, and while we might be only small, we pride ourselves on offering high quality SEO along with personalised service.

We don’t follow the crowd or use ‘black hat’ SEO techniques. We’ve developed our own approach and methods, with the focus very much on pleasing the end user.

FUN FACT: Our founder, Janet Camilleri, has been a finalist in the “Innovation” category of both the Greater Brisbane Women in Business Awards in 2020, and the Redlands Business Excellence Awards in 2021!

We are passionate about supporting other small businesses and helping them to succeed – which is why we often share some of the secrets of SEO with business and networking groups, and established the DIY SEO HQ membership program.

SEO Consultant Janet Camilleri teaches SEO to a group

From Sole Trader to Boutique SEO Agency

While the business started out as Front Page Web Writing in 2014, at the beginning of 2021 it rebranded to ‘Front Page SEO’ to more accurately reflect the services offered.

We also started growing our team.

Janet Camilleri

Janet Camilleri is the founder of Front Page SEO, a former teacher, freelance journalist, editor, copywriter and now a multi-award winning business woman and SEO consultant.

“People tend to come into search engine optimisation via one of two paths: either through website coding, or through copywriting. With around 70% of those in the industry being male, I’ll let you guess the usual background!

I came to SEO via copywriting; Google themselves indicate in their guidelines that quality written content is important to doing well in search engine results.

Today I love planning and implementing the SEO strategies that bring our clients success, teaching others, and yes, I still do the odd bit of copywriting too!”

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