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What Jigsaw Puzzles & SEO have in Common

| Janet Camilleri | ,

What Jigsaw Puzzles & SEO have in Common

| Janet Camilleri | ,

Front Page SEO Founder Janet Camilleri loves nothing more than to sit down with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, in her spare time.

what SEO and jigsaw puzzles have in common

However we are well aware that to others, jigsaws are more like an instrument of torture!

It’s true, it does take a certain type of personality to enjoy putting a jigsaw puzzle together. And it turns out, that it’s the sort of personality that also thrives on the challenges of search engine optimisation – because jigsaw puzzles and SEO have a lot in common …

6 Things Jigsaw Puzzles & SEO have in Common

1 – The framework comes first.

When Janet is working on a jigsaw puzzle, she will pull out all the edge pieces and put the frame together first, as it acts as a guide for the rest of the puzzle.

When we are working on SEO for a client, we need to find the “edges” of their business – what they do, what they don’t do, what makes them different, etc. Knowing about their business helps to guide us and tailor an optimisation strategy for their needs.

2 – The right pieces are key.

Finding the right keyword, can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack – or the perfect puzzle piece out of a box of 1000!

Ideally, keywords should have a high search volume (lots of people searching for that term online), and low competition.

It can be an arduous task to track down the right keywords but just like when doing a puzzle, for the team at Front Page SEO, it’s a labour of love.

3 – It’s a long slow process.

Patience is required for both jigsaw puzzles and SEO, to put lots of little pieces in place – and results take time. SEO is a long term strategy – while initially you may not see much in the way of results, once it gains traction your business can continue to reap the rewards for years to come.

4 – Study the big picture.

Whether working on SEO or putting a puzzle together, it’s important to study the nitty gritty of the big picture carefully, to become familiar with the landscape as well as the details.

5 – Trial and error.

While Google does provide an SEO starter guide, the actual algorithms are kept a closely guarded secret.

So although any SEO consultant can stay up to date with the latest developments (to a point), a lot of it comes down to experimenting, to see what works and what doesn’t. By playing around with all the little pieces you can create a cohesive whole that has a massive impact!

6 – The end result.

When you see a completed jigsaw puzzle, it’s easy to glance at it admiringly for a few seconds and then dismiss it, forgetting all the hours of painstaking work it’s taken to achieve that result.

And it’s the same with SEO.

This is one of the reasons we like to be transparent with our clients about the steps we are taking to boost their presence online, such as building backlinks on their behalf. How can they know they’re receiving value for money otherwise?

The Main Difference between SEO & Jigsaw Puzzles

If you don’t like doing jigsaw puzzles, that’s fine, because you will probably never have to do one.

If you don’t like doing SEO however, it’s a completely different matter. Without it, your business is losing custom and revenue. You can’t afford to ignore it!

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