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Next Free SEO Webinar

How To Check Your Own SEO

Wednesday 31 August, 2022
10am (AEST)

Ever wondered how YOUR business website is performing in search engine results?

You may never have thought about SEO before – but suddenly, it’s on your radar.

Or perhaps you’ve even hired an agency, but you’re not convinced it’s working, even though several months have passed …

Learn the steps to check it for yourself! 

In this free SEO webinar you will discover:

  • The 3 main factors that are crucial to ranking well
  • How to use a couple of cool free SEO tools
  • If your site is likely to do well in Google + Co
  • And if it is – some of the keywords it’s ranking for
  • As well as what websites are linking back to yours

For far too long the SEO industry has been shrouded in mystery. Here are Front Page SEO we believe every business owners should have at least a basic understanding of how it works – which is why we conduct free webinars on a regular basis.

woman showing how to check your own SEO on laptop

Join us when Janet Camilleri presents this free SEO webinar

Janet Camilleri was named SEO Consultant of the Year 2020 in the Australian Enterprise Awards, and has a passion for educating and empowering business owners to take control of this aspect of their digital marketing.

With a background in teaching, Janet is able to share her wealth of expertise in an engaging and interactive way.

Janet was fantastic at explaining the basics in easy-to-understand terms, took the time to answer everyone’s questions and provided an overall wonderful experience. 


Front Page SEO is exceptional. Our business has been working with this team for almost 2 months and I would like to make special note of Janet’s authentic professionalism and outstanding customer service. FP SEO operate in a transparent mannerism, seldom adhered to in the digital marketing industry. Certainly a light at the end of the tunnel for those looking for guidance through the world of SEO.