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Specialising in SEO for Allied Health Professionals

SEO Services Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for an SEO Consultant on the Sunshine Coast?  Front Page SEO have a wealth of experience in providing SEO services to businesses on the Sunshine Coast!


What Do SEO and A Fish Pond have in Common?

It can be helpful to think of the business world as a big pond.  You want to attract fish (customers) to your hook (your business website).

To take the analogy further, when fishing for a particular species, you need to use the right kind of bait to attract them to your hook. 

So it is with SEO. 

It’s crucial to understand which keywords (search terms) are the most effective to attract potential customers to your business website.

For best results, you need an SEO specialist – like multi-award winners, Front Page SEO!

SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast

We were awarded Australia’s #1 SEO Specialist 2020 in recognition of the high-quality SEO Services we provide.

We work with service-based businesses on the Sunshine Coast such as legal and accounting professionals, tradies, and in particular, health practitioners (as we know the AHPRA guidelines like the back of our hands!).

We offer personalised SEO, and when you sign up for ongoing SEO with us, we provide an exclusivity agreement which means we won’t work with any other business of your type in the Sunshine Coast area.

SEO Services

We live and breathe SEO, so we know the most effective strategies to direct more traffic to your website, resulting in increased business.

Because we are so passionate about our work, we not only provide SEO services, we also teach SEO, and are committed to undertaking ongoing learning to continually improve our processes 

Plus, at Front Page SEO, we only use white hat SEO techniques that aim to please the Google gods.

Our 6 Point SEO Strategy

Strategy 1: SEO Analysis

Investigate and review your current website, providing insight as to how it is performing from an SEO perspective.

Strategy 2: Keyword Research

Undertake keyword analysis to know the right keywords to appear in search results. 

Remember keywords are the bait to attract customers to your business. 

Knowing the right keywords to use is the nuts and bolts of SEO.  It takes someone with experience and knowledge of your business to identify the best keywords to use

Strategy 3: Regular Creative Content

Providing new content and images increases organic traffic to your website.  New content should be interesting to attract readers’ attention and persuade them to act.

Although it sounds easy, in reality it’s much harder than it first appears. It requires a lot of practice and experience, and since business owners are usually time-poor, it makes sense to outsource to a skilled SEO agency like Frontpage SEO.

Stategy 4: Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other reputable websites, back to your own. Why have them? Because it shows Google that your website is an authority, a credible source of information.

Strategy 5: Improve the User Experience

SEO involves improving the technical aspects of your website to increase the ranking results in search engines.  To provide the best customer experience, your website should load quickly without any frustrating problems or errors.  At Frontpage SEO, we have the tools to make your website easier for search engines to find it.

Strategy 6: Report and Review

Regular monthly reports are vital to analyse how well your website is performing.  Patience is required with SEO, as it can take up to six months to start seeing results.  But once you do, you will be amazed at how much it boosts traffic to your website.

You can book a time for your free consultation with an SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast today!