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When SEO is NOT a Good Investment

When SEO is NOT a Good Investment

You might be surprised to hear me say this, as I am always spouting off about the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – but there are time when SEO is *not* a good investment.

is SEO a good investment for my website

If you have been wondering if SEO for your website is a good investment, or the best way to spend your marketing budget, here are two examples where it probably won’t bring the results you are looking for.

Highly Competitive Industries

Unless you have a bucket load of money to throw at it, there are some industries which are just so competitive it would be very difficult to beat them in the search engine rankings. Big companies can have a stranglehold not just on the market, but also search engine results, mainly because they have big budgets, and may even have full time staff to drive their SEO strategy.

Real estate would be a classic example.

However having said that, a savvy SEO copywriter can find keywords that they may have missed, and help you to quietly strengthen your internet presence and boost your web traffic.

Performers and Entertainers

Recently I was helping a friend; as a singer and performer, he was keen to harness the power of SEO for his website.

However, when I investigated what keywords other entertainment professionals were using, I quickly found that many of them simply depend on their names. This is because they have already made a name for themselves on “Australian Idol”, “Australia’s Got Talent” or similar, by doing the pub and club circuit, or whatever – and that is what people search for, when looking for them online.

If nobody knows your name in the real world, they’re not likely to search for you online. If you are not already making a splash in the entertainment industry, SEO is probably not going to do it for you.

The exceptions would be if you are strongly location-based, or have a very specific niche. Pub and club owners, and festival management might not look up your name online, but chances are they *will* search for “wedding singer Toowoomba” or “pub band Glenelg” …

Originally, I was going to call this post, “When SEO doesn’t work” – but that isn’t strictly true. It just takes the right knowledge and expertise.

Don’t waste your marketing budget with a hit and miss approach. Contact me today about whether SEO for YOUR website is a good investment.